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Designed for doctors by doctors!


Orthopedics, orthodontics, plastic surgeons, or any practice...

The truth is, Medit can easily be used by any doctor for managing patient information & data. You can track patients recovery using their images. You can also use saved images for marketing, presentations, or research paper purposes.

Medit's intuitive, no brainer, interface empowers you to efficiently and effectively perform your job. Ability to add medical images to a patient profile makes Medit really powerful. Just click a picture and use it for any of the following below:

  • Monitor patient's site recovery progress
  • Record patient's site procedure
  • Capture prescriptions
  • Capture diagnosis
  • Save X-Rays
  • Save MRIs
  • Save patient records
  • The possibilities are endless...

You Shine Like a Star with Medit!

  • Provide better patient care
  • Save your valuable time
  • Adopt technology and look professional
  • Share medical images
  • Grow your business & reputation
  • Just tap to call or email a patient
  • Completely free and 100% advertising free
  • Separate patient's data from personal
  • Manage patient info, images & data
  • Save data for presentations and papers
  • Monitor patient's progress
  • Access patient data anytime & anywhere


Click images using your phone camera or import from phone's gallery. The images are automatically saved to patient profiles.


Manage images (patient site, MRI, X-ray, etc.) by keeping them in one place. Import patient's pic into Medit from gallery and assign them to patient profiles. MedIt automatically organizes images by patient name and date.

  3. INSIGHTS & TAGS (coming soon!)

Glean insights from tagged images by surfacing them in different ways. For e.g. view all images of 'leg' with 'arthritis.' We are making insights more powerful in our next releases. With tagging, you can apply tags to one or more images at once to make them findable.

4. ENDLESS IMAGES (coming soon!)

Medit will soon connect you to internet, enabling you to take endless medical images and never to worry about mobile disk space or accidental deletions.

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Features - We call it awesomeness!

Manage Patients

You are extremely busy, that's why we have made Medit super easy to use! Start in a breeze by adding patients using a simple form. Medit allows you to:

  • Add Patients
  • View Patients
  • Search Patients
  • Click Images

View Patient Data

Patient data and his medical images are easily viewable using Medit. You can view:

  • Patient's Information
  • Medical Images
  • Detailed Medical Image

Connect faster with your patients by calling or emailing just by tapping on your phone!

Partner with your patients and other doctors by either receiving or sharing images.

My Profile

Medit has great features to help you work faster!

For example: You can create your profile using navigation drawer.

Information from your profile is used to prefill patient's form to speed up your work.


Locations: Philadelphia, Chicago, Bangalore

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